Sweltering days not spent coding

Today it’s reaching some crazy temps here in Michigan, and my wife and I decided to take the day off to go to the zoo.  Dumb?  Possibly.  But it’ll be a great day all the same.  Tomorrow evening I plan to start hammering out some new code and will update all of you at some point this weekend.  The next plan is to start filling in creatures, bosses, keys, and doors on the map post-generation.  It shouldn’t be too difficult, but I’ve said that before and been very, very wrong, so anything can happen I suppose.

For now, here’s a gameplay screenshot with the shaded rooms – you can see the order in which these rooms were laid out based on their color.  No, the final game will not have colored rooms…  unless maybe there’s a disco labyrinth.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 11.03.35 AM

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