Things that go bump in the dark – aka if we only had a grue!

So, the first step in fleshing out the map is to add a boss.  Currently I only have one prefab creature (yet another placeholder…  YAP), but I’ve been playing with materials to ensure that the standard dungeon is dark and scary for our Labyrintheer.

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 3.27.13 PM

A bud guy lurks in the darkness with only our Labyrintheer’s aura to shed some light on the situation.  I’ve disabled global illumination for the dungeon and fixed all of the materials so that they don’t light up on their own – an issue with Tiled and Tiled2Unity’s default shader.  Currently I’m just using the standard shader.  Next I’ll be placing torches here and there around the dungeon either as it generates or post-generation (not sure what makes the most sense quite yet).  I also plan to add height maps in and create a LoS component so we don’t see through walls.

Hopefully this will be a productive weekend.

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