Sometimes things just go wrong…

So, I lost 1-2 weeks of development time because I hosed up my git repository.  Anyone else ever do that?  Anyone?  *crickets*

Well, since the whole point of source control is to protect you from these things, clearly I did some very bad things.  Turns out it was a series of bad things.  First, I change my asset serialization to force text.  That part was fine, except then I had a failed merge and merge conflict markers got dumped into the files – which can’t happen with binary files.  At the same time, I was setting up LFS for binary files.  I’m not sure what I did wrong there, but LFS half-worked.  At some point files duplicated, went to LFS but then the pointers in the repo were overwritten by the original binary files.

At this point, I was hosed up good.  My repo was well over it’s limit, I couldn’t push anything (not that I wanted to), and was having a hard time finding a commit I could roll back to that was good.

Now, I have a working copy of my project.  But it doesn’t work for everybody, so something is still amiss.


At least it loads now, right?

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