Torches and particle systems

Well, for now I’ve decided that I want to do a truly top-down (TD) graphical style.  I think this suits me well since I am not an artist.  Hotline Miami is a good example of this, as opposed to a traditional isometric “top-down” view that is common in RPGs.  So, I’ll need to make some new placeholder graphics for the main guy, but at least it’ll give me a lot more freedom with the tilesets.

I was considering how to make TD torches with a particle system.  I recently saw this video on Unity particle systems by the awesome Daniel Moran over at Makin’ Stuff Look Good in Unity.  Oddly, making a decent TD torch isn’t as easy as I would’ve expected, but it wasn’t terribly difficult.  I also have a script attached that adds a flicker-type effect and also slowly changes the color of the light generated by the torch, lerped across a gradient over time.

So, this is what the torches look like currently:

It’s a work in progress, but by all means leave a comment here or on Facebook if you have any comments, critique, or suggestions.

Things that go bump in the dark – aka if we only had a grue!

So, the first step in fleshing out the map is to add a boss.  Currently I only have one prefab creature (yet another placeholder…  YAP), but I’ve been playing with materials to ensure that the standard dungeon is dark and scary for our Labyrintheer.

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 3.27.13 PM

A bud guy lurks in the darkness with only our Labyrintheer’s aura to shed some light on the situation.  I’ve disabled global illumination for the dungeon and fixed all of the materials so that they don’t light up on their own – an issue with Tiled and Tiled2Unity’s default shader.  Currently I’m just using the standard shader.  Next I’ll be placing torches here and there around the dungeon either as it generates or post-generation (not sure what makes the most sense quite yet).  I also plan to add height maps in and create a LoS component so we don’t see through walls.

Hopefully this will be a productive weekend.

Sweltering days not spent coding

Today it’s reaching some crazy temps here in Michigan, and my wife and I decided to take the day off to go to the zoo.  Dumb?  Possibly.  But it’ll be a great day all the same.  Tomorrow evening I plan to start hammering out some new code and will update all of you at some point this weekend.  The next plan is to start filling in creatures, bosses, keys, and doors on the map post-generation.  It shouldn’t be too difficult, but I’ve said that before and been very, very wrong, so anything can happen I suppose.

For now, here’s a gameplay screenshot with the shaded rooms – you can see the order in which these rooms were laid out based on their color.  No, the final game will not have colored rooms…  unless maybe there’s a disco labyrinth.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 11.03.35 AM

And then there was light…

Hello!  It appears that you’ve stumbled across my page, and I’m glad you did.  This will serve as a blog during the development of my game, Labyrintheer.  The idea has been in the works for a few years now, with design journals and coffee fueled evenings.  About a month ago I finally laid down some initial code and have been on my merry way since.  You may have some questions, and I’ll have a Q&A post coming shortly about the project.  Hang out and enjoy!