Blender: The omnipresent donut tutorial

I haven’t forgotten about my many unfinished development projects –Labyrintheer, Deuta, Evocuration, Atomancer – or my more personal projects – Sudoku Solver, Image Tools, XephLibs. But lo and behold, I’ve dove into Blender recently, and it’s been a lot of fun. What better way to kick things off than the ever-present Donut Tutorial from Andrew Price (aka Blender Guru). A quick search of #DonutTutorial on Twitter shows how often this tutorial is done, and with millions of views on YouTube (across Blender versions, as new versions of the tutorial are created for various major releases), the #Donutverse has become quite expansive.

Above is a small gallery of my progress through the tutorials. They’re fairly inclusive tutorials for beginners, including modeling shapes by hand, using and painting materials, using particles, setting up lights and cameras, and basic scene layout.

Given that a lot of my hobbyist development time the past few months has been programmatic meshes, it was a nice change of pace to use modeling software to create meshes and push vertices around.

If you’re looking to learn Blender, definitely check out Andrew’s YouTube channel (linked above) and particularly his tutorial playlists.