Pixel Art Tutorials – Small House

So I’m playing around with pixel art – which was the reason I started messing around with palettes. I am not an artist, but I want to gain some pixel art skills. I figured I’d share my trials and tribulations on this journey because… why not?

I’ll be using some simple tutorials from some great artists, including: Slynyrd (who also has a great blog), Pedro Medeiros, and Rémy Devaux.

I plan to try limiting myself to an eight or fewer color palette (though that may not always be possible). When the tutorial isn’t behind a paywall (is otherwise freely available), I’ll share both the tutorial and my result. Bear with me as the first attempts will likely not be so great.

First tutorial is from Slynyrd’s 3/4 Top Down House.

And my first attempt…

Small House, animated pixel art
Small House, animated pixel art

Not great, but not awful. At least it’s obvious what it’s supposed to be, which is more than I can say for many of my attempts at art.